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Beloved Parishioners,

As part of the beautification efforts being done outside the church, the temporary concrete on the North (parking lot side) of the building is being replaced.  Instead of putting in traditional concrete, we are taking this opportunity to cover this area using brick pavers that can be inscribed with the names of our parishioners.  We have seen many churches and other organizations use customized brick pavers to add both a sense of beauty, and a feeling of community to the grounds.   Each brick will be 8x8 inches and available to be personalized for a donation of $250 per brick.  All the inscriptions will be in English only and the bricks will be placed randomly in the designated area.  The $250 donations will be used to pay for the bricks and other improvements to the renovated area.  There will be two options available:



Please click the button below to support the Church and purchase your brick today.  If you want to pay by check, please contact the Church Office and fill out the paper copy of the Landscaping form.  To view pictures of the proposed landscaping, click on the individual pictures below the button.  There will also be a Phase 2 of this project for the area near the Chapel.  Phase 2 will be privately funded.  If you are interested in donating to Phase 2, please contact Evans Caruso.

1.     Brick pavers with names only: 
•    Up to 5 lines of text on each brick
•    Each line has a maximum of 14 characters including spaces
•    Only names can be listed on the bricks, no special messages

2.    Brick pavers that start with the words: “In Memory Of”
•    First line will have a Cross
•    Second line will say “In Memory Of”
•    Three remaining lines left for names – each line also with a maximum of 14 characters 
including spaces


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