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Greek School

      We at the St. John Greek School deeply believe in the importance of learning and preserving the Greek Language
and Culture. The students attend school for eight months each year (September through May), and they study reading,
writing, speaking, vocabulary, and grammar. Special attention is given to conversation in all grades. Throughout the year the students are exposed to Greek Culture in many ways: they discuss religious holidays and customs, learn history, mythology and arts. Our school presents three cultural programs during the year, one in December to celebrate the Holidays, one in March to honor the Greek Independence Day, and the last by the end of May during graduation. All programs are greatly enjoyed by our students and give them the opportunity to show off their abilities in poetry, music, and dancing, for all family and friends. Greek Dancing is included in our program, it takes place during Greek School and is everybody’s favorite. Our school also offers classes for adults with a more conversational focus. There are Beginners, Intermediate and Advanced Levels and run from October through May.  If you are not familiar with our Greek School here is a brief outline of our program:


- Elli Patouhas, Greek School Director

PK/K: The students learn the sound system and basic vocabulary in a fun and happy environment. Children as young as
four years old can start Greek School.
1st Grade: This Level makes the transition from a purely speaking class to the reading and writing format. The students
learn the Greek Alphabet, reading, writing, vocabulary and phrases leading to conversation.
2nd Grade: The students are able to read sentences, write and spell and use basic conversation. Grammar is introduced.
Intermediate (3rd& 4th): Longer texts are introduced. The students study vocabulary, spelling and conversation. Grammar is taught in detail.
Advanced (5th & 6th): The students are able to read freely, write paragraphs and converse in Greek. Advance grammar
is taught. Geography, history, mythology is a very important part in these Levels


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