Our church has been approached with a unique and generous offer from the AHEPA Chapter OMEGA 371, to assist us in the repair/maintenance of our church.  As you all know, our building is almost 33 years old and we have and will need to continue to make repairs to maintain our entire complex.


A major need we have to address immediately is the repair of our flat roof. There are areas over the church and hall that currently leak or will leak shortly. We have had multiple contractors review our situation and they have provided information that will guide our efforts to ensure that we make these repairs/replacements in the proper order to protect our facility.  Fortunately, for our community, the offer from the AHEPA is to help provide funding for these repairs.


The offer is as follows:

  • The AHEPA has agreed to match (up to $25,000) the donations given by our parishioners specifically designated for the repairs of our facility.

  • To be clear, the match will not be given if we simply take funds from the existing savings of the church. The funds must be raised in a separate effort from our community.

The overall cost of all the repairs/replacement needed for the flat roof over time will well exceed $50,000, but this amount will allow us to address our immediate needs.  Below is a picture slideshow of what our roof currently looks like .  We thank the AHEPA CHAPTER OMEGA 371 for their generous support of our church and their on-going service to our Greek Orthodox Community.  We appreciate all of your help and support.  Thank you.


Ahepa Roof Repair




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